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Nestled between the Greater Rochester and Buffalo areas of Western NY, Whiteford Dental Laboratory offers advanced fixed restorative techniques in a perfectly centralized location.

Located in the historic Harvester Center in Batavia, NY, the Harvester Center is world renowned as the pioneer of the small business incubator. Craftsmen of all kinds ply their trades under one roof, where ideas and symbiotic relationships are encouraged. The Center itself provides many helpful resources to ventures to ensure long-term success of local businesses.

Whiteford Dental is an independently owned and operated Laboratory established in 2017. Like all small businesses, it was started by a man with a dream.

Noah Whiteford
(Owner, Implant Specialist)

“People and Relationships are the most important resource of our business.”

Noah has nearly two decades of dental technology experience. With a thirst for dental knowledge, he has focused on implant restorations for nearly his entire career. He has given lectures and demonstrations on dental implantology, attended dozens of continuing education courses across the United States and is often invited chairside for record taking, temporization, conversion, and final delivery. Noah has had the opportunity to work with some of dentistry’s brightest minds and applies those techniques to every case he touches.

In 2017, he hung his shingle and opened the doors to his new laboratory with the idea of doing what he loves, only better. With a firm belief that a successful Laboratory / Doctor partnership can only be built upon honest communications, he strives to become personally involved in every case, with the priority being the patients’ prosthetic needs. The foundations of his ethic can be found in the lab motto:

“Trust • Communication • Reliability”.

Dave Vining
(Owner, Technician)

With a secondary education focused on Art & Science, Dave unknowingly found interest in topics that would become the building blocks of his technical dentistry career. Throughout his formative years, he became increasingly interested in Sculpture, Biology, Model building, Metallurgy and Esthetic Body Art & Modification.

While on the West Coast, Dave was introduced to the field of Dental Technology by a Portland area Dental student. His interest piqued as he began to learn about the subtleties and challenges of Restorative Dentistry. Soon after returning to New York, he enrolled in the Erie Community College DLT program in Orchard Park, NY. In 2003, he received an AAS/RGCDT with high honors.

Dave Vining is now a veteran of the dental lab industry, having worked in some of New York’s largest and most successful dental laboratories.

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